About us

                            BRILLIANCE(TIANJIN) INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. is an import and export enterprise,which registered in TIANJIN FREE TRADE ZONE AREA. We are mainly engaged in the manufacture,international trade,domestic trade and store.And we have owned the right of import and export agency from many domestic and overseas large-scale chemical manufacturing enterprises.


                            Since it has entered the 21st century,with the rapid development of economical globalization and being a mature excellent company,we devote the superiority strength into the quick-changed market,with the preceding developing idea,we have provided the company with completely new development space and management insight as well as the high efficiency,multi-functional,allround central management atmosphere and the speedy developing channel.


                            We are widely developing the international and domestic market,based on the enterprise spirit of “solidarity and cooperation,genuineness and sincerity” and the management idea of “being honest and dedication to work,highly effective service.”Our products sell to many countries and areas,such as the South America,Africa,Europe,Southeast Asia and South Korea,Japan,India,Pakistan,Bangladesh etc.


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